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Building solutions following Clean Architecture principles

Last session was a long session but an interesting one!

We covered some important topics such a great way to separate concerns and why it is a good way. We looked into the different parts of a software solution which helped us with the dependency rule and why this rule exists. 

Build solutions, not architectures

Steps to build Clean Architectures

The real muscle in Clean Architecture


Upcoming Training events:

The dependency rule

Thursday, February 22 · 6 – 7pm CET

In this training session we will deepdive into the dependency rule. The dependency rule is a key principle in software design and is a corner stone of Clean Architecture. 

The goal of this training session is to give you a good understanding of this principle and how to use it well. 

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The About Coding Dojo is a community to practice and level up your software design skills. Think of it as a martial arts dojo, where students come to practice how to think like a senior developer and how to tackle problems they will see in the industry. 

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For who is this community?

This community is for anyone who is interested in learning more about effective software design and solving problems. I am aiming to level up junior to medior experienced developers .

Disclaimer: All of the code examples on github are in Java since I am a java developer. This will most likely change over time as I start tackling other languages as well.