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How to optimally design for change: Automated sensor updates

It was an awesome session. 

We went over the axes of change, what they are and how valuable they are when designing a solution. We went through my strategy of decomposing problems into code, highlighting the part being played by these axes of change. 

Then change came knocking at the door: It looks like the solution we came up with wasn’t good enough. Some big changes were needed. We went through a strategy to tackle this and came up with a fitting solution. 

Upcoming Training events:

Ultimate guide to implementing the OCP

Wednesday, December 13 at 17:30 CET. 

In this training session we uncover the secrets of the Open/Closed Principle by example. There is a bit more to it than just having interfaces and different implementations!

We will cover how to prepare a code base for the OCP, how to effectively apply this principle and what to look out for. We will tackle the misconception that the OCP is only about extending the code. The additions we are making still need to be used somehow. We will see different ways of managing that.

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Check out the first training session

In this session we went over the entire process of breaking down a problem into code using a strategy I have been using successfully for 5 years.

Watch the entire session here. It has also been added to the Dojo knowledge base. Subscribe to learn from all past events!

Learn by doing

The About Coding Dojo is a community to practice and level up your software design skills. Think of it as a martial arts dojo, where students come to practice how to think like a senior developer and how to tackle problems they will see in the industry. 

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For who is this community?

This community is for anyone who is interested in learning more about effective software design and solving problems. I am aiming to level up junior to medior experienced developers .

Disclaimer: All of the code examples on github are in Java since I am a java developer. This will most likely change over time as I start tackling other languages as well.