About me

Hey, I am Nicholas, the person behind About Coding. I have been a professional software developer for a decade and a half.

I don’t understand most of what I know about software design. And about 90% of the rest of the software developers don’t understand either”. I was 10 years in the industry and suddenly I had this moment of clarity while I was working on an impossible assignment: turning our monolith into micro services

I failed miserably trying to apply all the knowledge I had about software design. I soon realised that I didn’t understand most of what I knew.  Nobody every taught me ‘the why’ behind all of these principles. Nobody showed me how to make better decisions. 

And so I was thinking: I can do that. I can teach people about software design, what it is and why we have it. I can enable people to make efficient design decisions, make them grow and stick out above the other developers.

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The problem with software design and clean architecture ….

… is that most developers and coaches are able to tell you how your software should look like, but nobody can tell you how to get there.

You need somebody to guide you through the process, who tells you where to start, what is important and why.