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Learn the fundamentals of software design

An introduction to software design: What is it, why do we have it and why should we care about it?

What are the qualities that we are looking for in a code base? We go over these because it explains our decision making.

Coupling:  One of the most important concepts of design. In this course, we do a coupling deepdive.

Cohesion: An important concept when you are going to make classes or code files. 

Change in software: What is the impact of change and where is change really coming from?

Abstraction: This course goes deeper than just the dictionary explanation and plays a big part in decision making.

Here is a sample chapter…

Why should you learn software design?

“Understanding software design will make you a more valuable software developer”

Invest in your career

Companies need people who know how to build software. And no amount of technology can teach you that. Being able to effectively apply software design is a skill that separates senior developers from juniors.

Grow as a developer

A good understanding of software design allows you to make quicker and better design decisions. This will boost your confidence and your value as a developer and it allows you to tackle more complex problems.

Save time and money

Building software is expensive, maintaining it even more. The concepts of software design allow you to build software wich is maintainable and which can easily deal with change.