Hospital check in kiosk -Info

Build a solution to optimize patient check-ins and doctor/specialist appointments in a hospital


You are to create software to out the workload of the reception of hospitals. See it as self-serve reception. Patients that already have an appointment to either see a doctor or to be hospitalised for surgery can check in at the kiosk. They get stickers with their information, the reason for the visit and the directions to where they should go. These stickers are used to be put on their medical forms and papers so that personal information doesn’t need to be manually filled in anymore. 

During a check in, the application needs to check if there really is an appointment for the patient. If there isn’t, you will still have your paperwork, but you might have to wait until there is time for the doctor to receive you.

The solution allows doctors to be able to see if their appointments have arrived or not. People might be late because of traffic, doctors might run late because appointments might run longer than anticipated, people might not show up at all. If the check in is for a surgery, a notification is sent to start preparing for the surgery. 

Patients can schedule appointments online. That means that they are able to see the schedule of doctors to see the available slots for an appointment. They need to be able to book that slot. If two people try to book the same slot, the quickest one wins. 

The application should be able to manage doctors and their schedules, to update schedules if things change. Doctors who resign from the hospital, should no longer be available for appointments. Doctors can create and update their own information and schedule. 

The application should also accept and update patient information and their respective illness and history of the illness.

The use cases are upcoming! But don’t let that stop you from already trying to do this project yourself! 


What are evolutions again? Evolution are extra challenges which you can complete after you have done the base challenges. Evolutions are exactly what you think they are: they are evolutions of the problem, changes in requirements of users and stakeholders. They are meant to test the design of your solution.


The evolutions for this project are still ‘under construction’.