Work time registration – Info

Help the HR department of a large company to build a solution so that employees can easily register their time


As a software consultant, your servics are requried by a quite big company (2000 employees) with different types of employees. They have people in sales, in software, in workshops and technicians on the road. Some work in shifts, others work a 40 hour week.

Their HR department needs an application to help them manage payroll and leave registration. Employees need to be able to clock in and clock out and their pay is calculated based on the amount of hours they have worked.

HR needs to be able to onboard people and the time registering scheme they are in. Employees need to be able to register when they start working and when they stop working by any means possible. People need to see how many hours they have worked per week for the current month. 

Furthermore, employees need to be able to plan their holidays or absences and also see how many holidays they have left. Different types of employees have different amounts of paid leave they can take. This needs to be taken into account.

Use case are upcoming. But don’t let that stop you from already trying to do this project on your own. 


What are evolutions again? Evolution are extra challenges which you can complete after you have done the base challenges. Evolutions are exactly what you think they are: they are evolutions of the problem, changes in requirements of users and stakeholders. They are meant to test the design of your solution.


Evolutions for this project are upcoming